Jim Moore

November 20, 2018

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Charity / Organisation associated with Hero

Friends of the Elderly
Period Hero has been volunteering for

18 years volunteering
Dedication of Volunteer

Jim is 86 years old and has volunteered with Friends for the past 18 years. He first came to friends after retirement and having experienced widowhood. For 18 years Jim has taken on many roles: be-friender in the social club, mentor to our interns, fundraising, tours assistant, charity shop worker, and many more roles in our organisation. He is the oldest volunteer we have and without fail he is up and ready and willing to take on the day with great gusto. Over the past 18 years he has remained dedicated and loyal and when he sometimes tires of particular roles he likes to switch to offer help in new areas and this gives him a new energy. He never misses his shift and remains flexible around his other volunteering roles which he currently has, such as with his own community in Finglas in the church and the bingo hall. His current role is in our charity shop on Friday and Saturday and the customers love him.
Impact made by volunteer

For 18 years Jim has encouraged many members to come along to the social club, he inspires our older members to take up volunteering and in turn gives them a new energy. He offers friendly advice and shares his life experiences with our overseas volunteers who take a real interest in history and the Irish culture. He mentors new volunteers and keeps the Transition year students on their toes, so they get the best from their short placements. Jim will always look for new ways to help the organisation and on many occasions will advocate for other members or for a change to the way we operate. He is first and foremost a dedicated volunteer but he is so much more to the people we serve and the programmes we run. He is such an inspiration to all who get the opportunity to work with him.
Creativity / Initiative / Passion showed by volunteer

Jim is with us 18 years and in this time he has remained passionate about the work we do, he is proactive when it comes to making changes for the better and showed great initiative when times were difficult for the organisation. At age 86 he has so much to offer and is always happy to take on new roles. He participates in our marketing campaigns, is always happy to be a spokesperson for our older members and regularly advocates for others on the programmes. He has encouraged so many others around volunteering, helping them to see the benefits at difficult times in their lives. This passion rubs off on others and creates a real positive place to come and work or volunteer. He is an asset to us.

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