Lolo Robinson

November 20, 2018

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Drogheda Comhaltas
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25 Years as a Volunteer
Dedication of Volunteer

Lolo Robinson has worked tirelessly for many years to foster, nurture and develop traditional culture in County Louth and further afield in her role as Chairperson of Drogheda Comhaltas; in organising Feiseanna in Drogheda and further afield. However it is over the past 6 years in her mission to bring Fleadh Cheoil na h√Čireann to Drogheda that Lolo has achieved something extraordinary. Lolo was available morning, noon and night, and was tireless in ensuring this success.
Impact made by volunteer

Traditional music was in the past very strong in Drogheda town but in the past couple of decades it had died off somewhat. Lolo kept that fire burning through her stewardship of Drogheda Comhaltas and many young people, and adults, developed a love of traditional music, song, language and dance as a result. Her voluntary work in leading the bid to bring Fleadh Cheoil na h√Čireann to Drogheda has had even more impact. While Lolo will always say that bringing the Fleadh to Drogheda was a team effort it was she who spearheaded the campaign, in particular with Comhaltas headquarters, ensuring that a town not generally recognised as a heartland of traditional music and culture was successful in hosting the biggest festival of Irish culture. The impact of the Fleadh was felt for a long time before it arrived, with huge increases in local people learning traditional music, song and the Gaelic language.
Creativity / Initiative / Passion showed by volunteer

Lolo was approached by a member of Drogheda's Local Heroes project (also a volunteer) over 6 years ago with the idea of bringing the Fleadh to Drogheda. This seemed to be an absolutely impossible dream but Lolo completely threw herself into the project and put her heart and soul (and time) into ensuring it would happen. No one has given more time or energy to keep the flame of traditional music and culture alive in Drogheda.

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