Mike Fisher

November 15, 2018

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Charity / Organisation associated with Hero

Wicklow Dementia Support; RNLI; Greystones Meals on Wheels
Period Hero has been volunteering for

60 years volunteering
Dedication of Volunteer

Everyone in the different organisations Mike volunteers with describe Mike as caring, dependable and dedicated. A dedication to volunteering for almost 60 years. All his adult life he has seen a need and quietly stepped in. It is the combined effect of these roles and the longevity of service that highlights his dedication to volunteering and his community. Mike has been involved with Wicklow Dementia Support (a local charity supporting people with dementia in the community) since 2013. While need and awareness dementia has grown, Mike has always been there. Quietly dependable, helping in all aspects of the charity. He has been an 'alz pal'since 2013. An alz pal is a companion for a person with dementia in the community. He has embraced this role, recognizing the difficult and isolating situation that many people and their families face, with patience, decency and care. He has a belief that all people deserve person hood and should be treated with respect and dignity. He has helped to develop and co-ordinate 3 social clubs in the community. As well as organizing skills, he has an instinct for involving people with dementia: putting people at their ease; not fussing; engaging in normalizing activities- a joke, a cup of tea, a chat. In other words, he is kind and compassionate. Mike has served on the management board of Wicklow Dementia Support for 3 years. He is always available for social events, fund raising and actually, anything the organisation needs. In earlier times, Mike was a keen and dedicated cub and scout leader. He served for almost 20 years, eventually becoming District Commissioner of the East Coast Region. He approached these demanding, time consuming roles with similar dedication and dependability. Having retired from scouting, Mike immediately began to volunteer fundraising for the RNLI. He has been a dedicated fund raiser for 30 years. He is box secretary of the Greystones, Newtown Mount Kennedy, Kilcoole and Newcastle branch. He is responsible for over 50 donation boxes in local businesses, as well as organizing many other fund raising events. Mike initially helped his wife with the Greystones Meals on Wheels Service. Once again, he saw the need for this vital service and has continued to volunteer - driving and delivering meals for 9 years (now himself aged 77). He has also been described as a good neighbour, and helps at his local church - St. Patrick's Greystones.
Impact made by volunteer

Mike is a gentle, humble man. The impact of all the volunteering roles he has undertaken is an incremental one, building to a lifetime of service, and of giving of himself in all areas of community life. His volunteering really does span all ages of life from youth to the very old and this is what makes it really special - belief in other people, putting others first; treating everybody with respect and dignity. Not to mention the many thousands of euros he has helped to raise for the RNLI, and the many ways, not noted down, that he has helped to improve people's lives.
Creativity / Initiative / Passion showed by volunteer

Mike has a passion for treating people equally and humanely. He has a passion for helping others; for caring in many different ways. He has a skill and passion for just helping out where need is most - helping vulnerable people in the community. He also has a passion for the sea - supporting and promoting the work of the lifeboat service, who are saving lives at sea. Ultimately, Mike has a passion for people and strives to help all people in his community live a fuller, safer life.

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