The 2018 Charity Impact of the Year Award

Eligibility and Assessment criteria for the Charity Impact Awards

  • This award celebrates the work of community and voluntary and charitable organisations, clubs or groups that have brought about positive change
  • An organisation can enter more than once; however, each entry must be a specific project or campaign, managed by that organisation i.e. each project can only be entered once*
  • In this category, there are three sub-categories:
    • Small Organisations (no paid staff)
      • This category is open to all independently governed and constituted community, voluntary or charitable organisations with no paid staff.
    • Medium-sized Organisations (with paid staff and annual turnover of up to €1 million)
      • All entries in this category must be registered with the Charities Regulator
    • Large Organisations (with paid staff and annual turnover over €1 million)
      • All entries in this category must be registered with the Charities Regulator
  • The entry must be accompanied by a short video (no longer than two minutes). The video should demonstrate the organisation’s impact, what the organisation does and why it should win this award. The video can be hosted on Youtube or Vimeo

* An Organisation can only enter this category or the Social Enterprise of the Year category, not both.

Assessment Criteria:

  • Question: Outline the vision and mission of the Organisation
    Assessment Criteria: Why was the Organisation set up? What is it trying to change or do? Why is it important to do this?
  • Question: How has the Organisation developed and tackled issues?
    Assessment Criteria: Describe the development of the Organisation including some significant challenges and achievements
  • Question: What has the overall impact of the work been?
    Assessment Criteria: Demonstrate the impact of the Organisation on the wider community – locally, regionally and/or nationally – including some facts and figures that reflect the success. Provide an example/testimonial to illustrate the impact of this work. [Please feel free to amend the example/testimonial to protect the identity of service users and individuals]
  • Question: What makes this Organisation unique?
    Assessment Criteria: Consider what makes this Organisation special. How is it different from others working in the same field?
  • Question: How can the public support this work?
    Assessment Criteria: How clear is this and how accessible is it for the public to support the work? Volunteers? Fundraising?
  • Question: How is the organisation transparent and accountable?
    Assessment Criteria: Where can the public find out about the Organisation’s finances and governance? Does the organisation comply with any relevant codes or standards?

Shortlisting, Voting and Judging:

  • Each application that fulfills the Eligibilty Criteria for their category [see above] will be published on
  • Shorting:
    A shortlist of 5 entries will be drawn up for each category, using the specific Assessment Criteria. The Shortlisting Process is carried out by The Wheel staff. See detail of the Shortlisting process here [include hyperlink to the detail]
  • Voting:
    The shortlisted entries will be open to public voting from 12th November to 3 rd December 2018. A weighting of 33.33% will be given to the public voting. Within each category, it will work as follows: the total number of votes is counted and each of the 5 organisations is given a percentage based on its percentage of that overall vote e.g. if the total votes are 2,000, and one organisation gets 800 votes out of that total, it will be assigned 40% of that overall vote. This 40% will provide 33.33% of the total score for that application.
  • Judging:
    The judging will be done by a panel of judges, details of which will be available on the Charity Impact Awards website prior to the judging taking place, using the specific Assessment Criteria. A weighting of 66.66% will be given to the judge’s results. Within each category, it works as follows:

    • Judges scoring – each organisation will be marked out of 100 and as with the public voting, each organisation will be given a weighting based on its score as a percentage of the overall score for the category e.g. if the scoring for the 5 organisations is 50, 55, 60, 65 and 70 that is a total of 300 marks in total, the organisation that gets 50 out of the 300 total will be given a percentage of 16.67%. This 16.67% will provide 66.66% of the total score for that application.

Charity Impact Awards

The Awards promote best practice and increase awareness of the significance and role of the nonprofit sector in Irish society.

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