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Social Enterprise of the Year Award

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  • * Note: All videos should be a maximum of 2 minutes long.
  • Why was the Social Enterprise set up? What is it trying to change or do? Why is it important to do this?
  • Describe the development of the Social Enterprise including some significant challenges and achievements
  • Demonstrate the impact of the Social Enterprise on the wider community – locally, regionally and/or nationally – including some facts and figures that reflect the success. Provide an example/testimonial to illustrate the impact of this work. [Please feel free to amend the example/testimonial to protect the identity of service users and individuals]
  • Consider what makes this Social Enterprise special. How is it different from others working in the same field?
  • How does the organisation generate income? What percentage of the income is traded income [i.e. income in exchange for a good or service]? How does the income generated contribute to the cost of delivering on your mission?
  • How clear is this and how accessible is it for the public to support the work? Volunteers? Fundraising?
  • Where can the public find out about the Social Enterprise’s finances and governance? Does the organisation comply with any relevant codes or standards?